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Your Most Valuable Customer

Brief Overview

Do you want an easy way to make a lot more money in your business? Well you need to market to your most valuable customer. I’ll tell you exactly who that is in this episode.

Big Ideas

[00:35] Your most valuable customer is your existing customer. Here’s a quick example. I recently went to the gas station and as I was filling up. I was prompted with “Would you like a car wash?” I decided, that yes, I would! So, I opted-in for the car wash. I think it was an extra ten bucks. Then the next prompt says, “Would you like a second car wash? If you do, you’ll get five cents off per liter of your gas.” Now, obviously I’ve only have one car there. But I started thinking to myself, “Well, inevitably in a few days I’m probably going to need another car wash. So yes, I’ll get the 2nd car wash too!” Who would have thought I would stop for gas and then end up spending an extra 20 bucks to get these two car washes? This is a perfect example of how your existing customers are so much more valuable than we ever give them credit for. How often are you marketing to find new customers? Almost always. But how often are you marketing to your existing customers? I would dare to say, probably a fraction of what you are doing to find new customers. But my friends, that is exactly where there gold is!

[05:00] There are only three ways to grow a business. Number one, get more customers. Most of us do that. So much of our marketing is getting new customers. The second way is to increase the frequency between purchases. Well, that’s exactly why I love membership sites. They increase the frequency. Rather than a customer buying from you one time, they buy from you once a month. The third way is to increase the transaction size.

[06:30] What else could you provide your customers at the point of purchase? Start thinking about the different opportunities that may exist for you to take what you’re already doing and then create something additional that your customers would like that would make it either more convenient, provide faster results or perhaps even complement what they are already purchasing.

Quote to Remember

Up-sells work and they are one of the fastest ways to increase your business.” – Stu McLaren

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