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The Next Step with Amanda Daley

Brief Overview

In every business there’s low hanging fruit. It’s an opportunity just waiting… begging even, for you to take advantage of it. But sometimes, we’re so close that we don’t even see it. In today’s episode, I’m speaking with Amanda Daley, a business mentor for health coaches & wellness entrepreneurs. You’ll hear how she finally recognized the opportunity that was right there in front of her, and how you can too!

Big Ideas

[01:00] If something doesn’t work just once, we tend to get scared and we back off. We think, “this is never going to work.” In marketing, you’re going to try things that aren’t going to work. The BIG mistake is thinking that it’s never going to work, or it’s a bad strategy or a bad idea. But the reality is, for most of us, when we try a different marketing strategy or idea, it’s just the beginning. It’s like the first of many versions. You can learn from it, innovate, and make it better over time. That first version will constantly evolve if you let it.

[06:45] When you are looking to write, speak and connect with your audience, it’s important to use copy that mirrors the thoughts and the words that their using. To do this, try a Google search for “your market” + “problems.” You’ll come across a gold mine of insightful conversations. It might be a Facebook group or even an online forum. Whatever it may be, people are literally explaining the frustrations they need help with. The words coming from these conversations should become the copy you use throughout your messaging.

[08:00] Don’t assume that people don’t want more from you. When they love what you offer, they want more. Don’t be afraid to ask for that renewal or upsell valued clients on that higher priced offering. If you help them solve a problem, they’re naturally going to want more from you because there is trust and there’s a relationship there. As Amanda has shown, it’s a huge opportunity in business to be able to offer the next thing that takes you to the next level. What is your next thing? What is the next step you could take with your customers?

Quotes to Remember

Really listen to what they’re saying, and just offer that.” – Amanda Daley

Don’t assume that people don’t want more from you.” – Amanda Daley

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