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The Strange Approach to Big Breakthroughs with Natalie Sisson

Brief Overview

If you’re an ambitious entrepreneur, then today’s strategy may seem a little strange or unorthodox. But I can tell you, (I’ve experienced it myself) it absolutely works and it leads to massive breakthroughs. You’re going to hear what that strategy is and you’ll hear from our awesome guest, Natalie Sisson and how she applied it to her business.

Big Ideas

[03:30] Natalie Sisson explains why a 3 month business sabbatical helped transform her marketing and her business. After returning to her business, she felt energized about jumping back in again, except with a slightly different outlook. She was ready to play at a different level and reach a wider audience. After 7 years of being obsessed with freedom and building a multiple six-figure business around it, she realized she didn’t truly understand what freedom meant. Taking that step back allowed her to see what she was missing. She still wanted to pursue her passion for freedom, but now she was dedicated to understanding it more fully. She decided to make a shift, put her current business to the side, and take her community with her on a new journey.  

[06:00] Taking that break is what helps you get the clarity, ideas, insights, and the things that are going to make all the difference. It’s those big marketing ideas that come when you least expect them to. For me, they come when I’m on a run or playing with my kids or kicking the soccer ball around. They come when I’m not doing anything related to business. If you’re not doing these things for a long period of time, you’ll fall into a rut. It will start to eat away at you. You won’t be energized, you won’t enjoy the process. When you don’t have that energy, it affects your entire business and your life. So, take time off! Stop working, stop thinking, stop designing, stop developing, stop writing. Taking time away is the thing that’s going to help you have the big breakthrough ideas that are not only going to be beneficial to you, but are going to connect to your audience and draw people to you.

Quotes to Remember

When you actually take a timeout from the everyday of business, you have a lot of time to think. I connected back to what’s really important to me and what has been resonating with my community and my customers.” – Natalie Sisson

Time away from your business is actually a huge investment to help propel you forward.” – Stu McLaren


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