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Using Livecasts To Connect and Sell with Sonia Stringer

Brief Overview

In this episode you’ll hear how Sonia Stringer has been using live video to create massive results in her business.


Q: What has been your most effective marketing strategy over the past 12 months? [01:00]

A: Without a doubt, streaming live video, like Facebook Live. I think it’s the most amazing way to connect with people. They can see you visually, it gives you an opportunity to build rapport, share amazing content, and promote whatever offers you’ve got going on. I’ve used it in many ways to build my business and it’s been phenomenal.

Q: This is not just a regular Facebook live where you pop on for a few minutes and say hello to everyone. You actually strategically schedule your live streaming events into the calendar and you build them up with promotions. Why do you put so much effort into these livecasts? [01:30]

A: To me, it was the most fascinating way to teach. To share really good content and to give people a taste for what our programs were about. And to be able to answer questions in real time from our audience, which gives listeners immediate value. The first few versions of these, it was kind of like The Oprah Show. We held an 8-hour long program, where every hour I featured different guests and covered different topics. The reason I chose to do it for that length of time is because I have a really large global audience. So it made sense that if we positioned it from 10am to 6pm in my time zone, it allowed for the maximum number of people to see it around the world. So, this approach allowed a global audience to get acquainted with me and my brand. While you don’t necessarily have to commit to that length of program, livecasts are a fantastic way to connect with anybody, all over the world and they create an intimate relationship that can lead to future business.  

Q: So what’s the purpose of these livecasts? Are you intentionally trying to sell a product? Is it a part of a launch? How does it work with your business? [03:30]

A: I’ve done both. The first livecast that I ever did—especially that longer format—I used it as a way to position myself within my niche and gain an enormous amount of credibility. So that first show was kind of like The Oprah Show. I had all these different guests and I reached out to thought leaders and experts in my profession and invited them to be on the show. And of course, they were excited about it, because nobody had done anything like this before. There was a lot of great exposure for them and it was a lot of fun for me. We did it in a studio, we had a set, and basically had the whole day devoted to interviewing these guests and really showcasing the best practices in my profession. Because I was the first to do it, I gained a ton of attention. And from a list building and publicity standpoint, it was a really smart thing to do.

And then we sold access to that program afterwards. So I created a product out of that interview series. We monetized it, while also using it to build a list and to create fantastic publicity and promotion for me.

I’ve done other formats too where I’ve promoted a very particular program. I would bring my students on and I would interview them, and we would share case studies of their success and teach elements from the program, while also showing the results that people got. Every hour we would share a short video, like a little commercial break, where people watching would have a chance to learn about the program and purchase it at a discount during that day.

So, there’s lots of ways to structure it. Whether you’re going after sales or just expanding your reach and viewership within your own profession, there’s lots of ways to take advantage of livecasts.

Q: If someone is listening who understands the power of livecasts and wants to get started, what’s the first thing they should be thinking about? [09:44]

A: Facebook Live is the easiest place to start. I wish it would have been available when I first started because it’s the best place to get comfortable on camera. It will allow you to practice using the format, engage with your audience and share your content. And it’s 100% free! If only you knew how much money I invested in livecasts early on.

Even with Facebook Live, if you wanted to do an 8-hour long show, you could do it. It would take a bit of organization in terms of re-starting the video, but you could certainly do it. If you wanted to kick things up a notch, you could find a local studio and video crew that could help you pull together a set and do something on that level. More than anything, I think it’s the strategy. You want to think it through, you want to make sure you’re sharing really good content and you want to be very clear on the outcomes.

Q: After the livecast is finished you don’t stop there do you? Talk to us about what happens after the livecast is done. [11:30]

A: Not only was it such a cool real-time experience to engage people and be able to interact with them live, but afterwards every time we did one of these events, we ended up with this amazing library of content. We packaged and sold that sometimes as part of what people would actually purchase through the actual event. Other times, I would have my team go through and help me cut up all the video and repurpose it through social media. So, it’s a fantastic way to create content as you’re actually doing a promotion. Even with your average Facebook Live video, you could easily take that content and repurpose it many ways so that it’s really worth your time.

Q: Where can people go to find out more about Sonia Stringer? [12:56]

A: The easiest place to find me is on Facebook at Or if you want to come to my main website, I have a very large niche in the network marketing space, where I work with a lot of women. If you want to go to that website, it’s

Q: Any final words as we finish up here today? [13:18]

A: For all of the listeners, I highly recommend getting out there and using video. Get on Facebook, start testing this stuff out. If you love the format, I encourage you to make it a big part of your marketing strategy.

Memorable Quote

To me, livecasts are the most fascinating way to teach. It’s an incredible way to connect with people all over the world and create an intimate relationship that can lead to future business.” – Sonia Stringer

The more people participate in the process, the higher the conversion rates will be.” – Stu McLaren

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