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Sometimes Your Marketing Will Be Messy

Brief Overview

It might be ego or it might be fear, but there is something that is preventing you from getting your marketing out there. Let’s talk about it in this episode.

Big Ideas

[00:30] The number one thing that blocks you and I from our marketing actually working is that we don’t actually put the marketing out there. We try to get it so perfect that we don’t actually release it. I experience this all the time… We have this perfect vision of what we want in our business and in our marketing and all that kind of stuff. But at the end of the day, you just have to get it out there.

[02:30] The best way to make sure you get your marketing out into the world, is to set a deadline. Once you decide and commit to your deadline, it’s all about doing what you can with what you’ve got up until to that point. And from there, you just have to live with the results. Too many people don’t get anything out and therefore they don’t have anything working in their favor from a marketing perspective.

[04:33] When it comes to your business, there are so many things that you’ll want to commit to doing as it relates to your marketing. This is why it’s critical to decide early on what your big rocks are. What are the 20% of things that will give you 80% of the results?

For my first launch, the big rocks were our launch videos, our sales letter, and our webinar, because those were the three things that I knew would move the needle the most. And admittedly, there were things that got sacrificed in that first launch. Things like our email copy, which I pride myself on, but in that instance, I would have given it a C+. And it’s only because I just didn’t have the time to really invest in writing that email copy to the best of my ability. But that’s okay, because that was part of the sacrifice of getting this out there and actually getting that promotion going. The good news is that once you launch something once, you can always go back, and you can always fix and upgrade and change the things that you want to improve on.

[08:24] You don’t have to get it right. You just have to get it going.” So, what are you getting hung up on right now? What are you trying to get out perfectly? Whatever it is, let perfection go and just get it out the door. None of us launch everything perfectly the first time around. The most important thing is that you actually get it out.

Memorable Quotes

The biggest thing that holds you and I back is that we get stuck in trying to make things perfect.” – Stu McLaren


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