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Sometimes Marketing Promotions Will Flop

Brief Overview

You will face tough times as an entrepreneur. But if you have this one characteristic, you’ll get through on top.

Big Ideas

[00:37] Being a business owner is not all unicorns and rainbows. There are tough, tough moments. Moments when you want to give up, moments when you want to go get a job because it will be easier. All entrepreneurs experience these moments. I’ve been there when the business was dependent on one promotion and the promotion didn’t go well. It flopped. I’ve been there when key team members who were so crucial to the overall growth of the company have left. And in the midst of that, it’s a scramble. You feel the weight of that situation. It’s heavy and you have no idea what you’re going to do or how you’re going to make it through. But if there’s one thing, one characteristic about entrepreneurs who succeed long-term, it’s that we’re resilient. We do not let anything keep us down.

[03:58] There are going to be times in your business when things do not go well… When a promotion flops, when technology crashes, when hard drives get completely erased. This stuff happens both in our personal and professional lives. At the time, it can feel overwhelming. But you cannot let this stuff get to you. It’s part of the journey. And the thing that’ll get you through, is developing a sense of resiliency. It’s knowing that yes, you are capable of handling this, and yes, you will get through this, and yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The difference between those of us who succeed long-term and those of us who flake out, is our ability to handle the good and the bad. It’s our ability to power through.

[07:34] Continue developing that resiliency. Don’t ever avoid trying things and taking risks because you’re afraid of failure or afraid of bad things happening. Because if you play it safe all the time, you’re never going to experience the levels of growth that you’re truly capable of. So, dig in and stick with it!

Memorable Quotes

The difference between those of us who succeed long-term and those of us who flake out is our ability to handle the good and the bad.” – Stu McLaren


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