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A Simple Copy Tweak For Better Results

Brief Overview

In this episode I outline a couple of tweaks that make a BIG difference to the performance of any sales letter, marketing promotion or presentation.

Big Ideas

[00:45] With any promotion you’re running, the reader needs to be aware that there is a cost for not taking action. That cost of not taking action is the problem that they’re currently experiencing, compounded over time. So what does that look like? How will their life feel if they continue to have that problem for years to come? How will it affect their relationships, their well being, etc.? You need to paint that picture. In any marketing copy you’re producing, there are 3 crucial things you need to do.

  1. Identify and describe the present day problem.
  2. Describe the transformation they can expect, if they buy your product. (I.e. what will life be like if that problem is solved?
  3. Contrast the above with the consequence of not taking action today.

[02:54] Too often, people forget that it’s not just about the problem they have now. Because if that problem persists, it’s going to become an even bigger problem. And you have to remind buyers of that. When you create that contrast, it’s going to create so much more value around the product or service that you’re providing.

[08:09] When describing the present day problem, you want to describe both the external and internal problems. The external problems are like the actual things they are looking to solve. Imagine them going to Google and typing in a problem… That’s typically what the external problem would look like. The internal problems are the conversations that are happening inside their head. These are the things that are keeping them up at night. They may not be talking about these things, but they are thinking of them. And when you give voice to these internal problems, you’re able to connect with buyers on a whole different level.

Memorable Quotes

The reader needs to be aware that there’s a cost for not taking action. The cost of not taking action, is the problem they’re currently experiencing, compounded over time.” – Stu McLaren


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