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Set Yourself Up For An Amazing Year

Brief Overview

Today I frame up how I approach my yearly goals. Because for a long time, I wasn’t very good at it. My idea of a goal setting process was basically to take out a sheet of paper, list down a bunch of things that I wanted to accomplish, and hope for the best—and the results spoke for themselves! In the last few years however, I’ve made some massive progress in my business and personal life. So what changed? Find out in today’s episode!

Big Ideas

[01:00] In 2013, I partnered with New York Times best-selling author Michael Hyatt. As a part of that partnership, one of the things I was in charge of, was helping Michael craft the copy and marketing material for his course around goal setting. As it turns out, what that course taught me about achieving my own goals, changed my life. Since following Michael’s process, it has been transformative in terms of the progress that I’ve made in my business and in my personal life. If you have a process that’s not working for you, then I highly recommend that you go and check out Michael’s course. You can find out more by going to

[08:25] Try to categorize your yearly goals into 3 big umbrellas—business, personal, and something else (for us, it’s our charity). Within each umbrella, consider the big rocks that need to go up on the calendar. For instance, with my business, one of the big rocks is a massive launch for our signature course, Tribe, which happens on March 15th. Other big rocks for my business would be major promotions, projects, and annual events (like our annual event in Toronto in June.) So, what are the big promotions, projects, and events that you need to put on your calendar under the business umbrella?

[09:45] I do the same thing from a personal standpoint. So my big rocks for the personal side would be relationships, health & fitness, and then an outside interest. An example of an outside interest for me, would be to learn Swahili. We do a lot of work over in Kenya for our charity, so learning the language is one of my big rocks on the personal side.

[13:45] My 3rd big umbrella is our charity (it might be something different for you.) So, me and my wife will break that umbrella into big rocks, like the schools we want to build, fundraisers that we want to do, and any other initiatives that we want to plan out.

[14:56] Unless you get the big rocks set up, you’re going to have a ton of challenges. Because inevitably, there’s going to be things that can derail you from what matters most. So, think of the big rocks, plan those out, put them on the calendar and be intentional about crafting your best year ever.

Quote to Remember

If you want to accomplish more this year, you’ve got to be intentional about it, because if you aren’t, you’re going to leave things to chance. And that my friends, is a recipe for disaster.” – Stu McLaren

Think of the big rocks, think through and plan those out, put them on the calendar and be intentional about crafting your best year ever.” – Stu McLaren

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