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Marketing That People Never Forget

Brief Overview

In this episode, Stu emphasizes the importance of paying attention to the little details and creating an experience that your customers will never forget. As a result, you’ll be able to create customers for life!

Big Ideas

[8:00] In order to stand out in the market, we must give thought to how we can create unique experiences for our audience. It’s the little things that count. To illustrate this point, Stu uses the infamous “CD Baby Thank You e-mail” example, that he highlighted in episode 003. Derek Sivers turned what would normally be a pretty standard and rather boring automatic thank you email into something funny and memorable, which resulted in it being shared across the internet hundreds of thousands of times.

[08:34] Stu shares 2 examples that demonstrate how a business can create incredibly memorable moments for their customers. In one example, Stu talks about his all-time favorite restaurant and all of the little things, when combined, make a BIG difference. As business owners, we all have an opportunity to look at the various touchpoints within the customer lifecycle and improve upon them in order to build stronger connections with our customers and create unforgettable experiences.

Quotes to Remember

What if we just took the time to think about all the little details and how we could create an experience that people will remember.” – Stu McLaren

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