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Creating An Irresistible Offer

Brief Overview

What would you need to include to craft an offer so delicious that even your competitors would want to buy? I’ll tell you how this happened to us in today’s episode!


Recently I had an experience where our team created such an amazing offer, that those who already purchased wanted to buy again. Not only that, but even our competition wanted to buy through us. How does that even happen? Let me tell you the story…

A while ago, we were taking our biggest group of Village Impact charity donors to Kenya. This is a trip that my wife and the director of operations for Village Impact plan every single year. This trip is an eye-opening experience that helps us show donors just how far a dollar can go and the impact it can have. This happened to be our biggest donor trip to date – with close to 70 donors, plus our entire Tribe team coming along.   

Now, before the trip, there was a lot going on logistically. We had told our team that if they hit a certain goal during our Tribe launch, they would all be rewarded with joining us in Kenya to see how our donations were used. We also had recently received the tragic news that I talked about in episode 72 of the MYB podcast. As you can imagine, this was an incredibly tough time for everyone. And then on top of all of that, our team was supposed to participate as a JV affiliate partner for Ryan Levesque’s ASK Method.

Long story short, we were about to pull out of the JV partnership with Ryan. There was so much going on and it was really just bad timing for our team. But after a bit of thought, I decided, at the very minimum, I could probably bust out a bunch of emails before the Kenya trip and schedule them to go out to our audience. Afterall, I really did want our audience to get the value that Ryan offers in this program – a program that our team has used with tremendous success.  

So, we did what we could with what we had, but really, this promotion was hardly on my radar due to everything else that was going on. To my surprise, the night before the cart closes, Ryan messages me (while we were at an airport in Kenya) to say that we were ranked 4th on the leaderboard for all of his affiliates. He said we were 11 sales behind first place. For context, 4th place had a $5,000 prize and 1st place had a $100,000 prize.

I realized, the most effective thing we could do to jump to 1st place in a very short period of time, is to make an offer to the people who were with us on the Kenya trip. Everyone on this trip were entrepreneurs and they would all benefit from Ryan’s Ask Method. Keep in mind, some of these people already had the program, while others were Joint Venture partners that were in the same promotional contest and competing against us.

So, we get everybody together while at this tiny airport in Kenya, about to fly to a Safari camp. I said to everyone, before we go, I have something to share with you. I explained the promotional contest, where we were ranked, and that we had an irresistible offer for anyone who purchases Ryan’s program through our affiliate link within the next 10 minutes. (I.e. it had to be before we boarded the plane).  

The offer was simple. For anyone who purchased Ryan’s program on the spot, we would pay for them to have a personalized video of their entire Kenya experience. At that point, half the room purchased. Then we decided to offer one more thing. If 20 or more people purchased, we would offer them a hot air balloon ride in the safari.

Later that day, Ryan had shared the rankings and we had won the promotional contest! Here’s what we can takeaway from this experience…  

Big Ideas

Know Your Customer [07:55]

You really have to know who you are selling to. Really know them intimately, what do they really want? Do they want to save time? Do they want convenience? Do they want simplicity? Do they want faster results? Think about what it is that the audience you’re selling to would really, really want.    

Give Them What They Want [08:19]

Number two, is to think through how to give them what they want. What would make everyone say “Heck yeah, I want that!”? What can you do to craft an offer so irresistible, that even your competitors would want to buy? In our case, it was offering up videos, pictures, and a hot air balloon ride, during a once in a lifetime experience. It was priceless and something they would now be able to remember forever.  

Make It Fun [13:57]

Think about how you can involve your audience in the whole process. In the story I shared, we were very transparent, explained exactly what was going on, and people loved being a part of it. It will forever be called the “The Airport Offer”. We made the buying process fun, enjoyable and memorable.

Memorable Quote

You can make magic happen when you are super aligned with what it is you’re offering and what it is that your customer wants.” – Stu McLaren


Ryan Levesque’s Ask Method

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