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Grow Your Business Using Facebook Live with Jill & Josh

Brief Overview

How do you use Facebook Live to build a highly engaged audience and email list absolutely free? You’ll find out in this guest episode with Jill and Josh Stanton, who help people quit their day jobs and start online businesses. Today, they spill the beans on their little secret for building a rabid online following.

Big Ideas

[02:35] We’re not doing FB Live just for the sake of doing FB Live. We’re being super intentional about it. There is a purpose behind it. We want to grow our list. If we can grow our list, we can get people to join our online business building membership community for entrepreneurs.

[04:48] For our planning process, once a month we identify and plan out what we’re going to talk about in the following month. For instance, next month the topic is FB groups. We plan to create episodes where we talk about the different aspects of FB groups. (E.g. how to start a FB group, how to grow a FB group, how to engage it, and how to turn it into a marketing machine.)

[05:20] Ok, so how do we utilize FB Live to grow our audience? For each live show, we create an individual opt-in that is relevant to that episode and drive viewers to a dedicated blog post page where viewers can access the opt-in offer. E.g. with our sales funnel episode, our lead magnet that people could opt-in for was “How to create a dangerously effective automated sales funnel.”

[09:00] Here some additional FB LIVE tips you can use for greater success:

  • We will also create a pixel so that when people land on our blog post page, we can retarget them with relevant information afterwards.
  • We put the link to the opt-in page in the description of the FB LIVE so people can easily click through.
  • Publish your show on a consistent basis. This will get people in the habit of tuning in at a particular date/time.
  • Keep it short, straight and to the point. We try keep it under 30 minutes if possible.
  • Re-purpose the audio from your FB LIVE and turn it into a podcast. You can embed it on your site and have a blog post with it too.
  • Use Zoom video conference calling during your FB LIVE’s for better audio and video quality. This gives you a variety of different features, such as sharing your computer screen to refer to things. It’s almost like a real webinar but live on Facebook.

Quotes to Remember

We help people quit their jobs.” – Jill Stanton

What are the topics we’re going to talk about this month on my Facebook Live and what is something I can give them for free that’s related to that topic.” – Josh Stanton

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