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Double Down on This

Brief Overview

She was looking for the latest and greatest marketing strategy but the quick and easy solution for more growth was right under her nose… and it’s right under yours too. Find out more in today’s episode!


I was invited to come and speak at a mastermind that was full of all the top authors from a publishing company called Hay House. At the end, I opened it up for some Q&A and the first question came from a client of mine.

Now, prior to this event, this woman attended one of my VIP days. This is where I’m able to provide one-on-one consulting to clients. She brought her team in and we dove really deep into her membership business.  At the time her membership site had about 1,100 members. After implementing some of our strategies, the very next promotion she added over 4,000 new members. So, it had taken them years to get up to 1,100 members and in one promotion they added another 4,000.

Big Ideas

Do What Works! [09:58]  

So, at the event, this client asked me, “What’s the latest and greatest marketing strategy for growing my membership?” I asked a question back to her. I said, “After you did that promotion that added 4,000 new members to your membership site, have you done that same promotion again?” She looked at me and said, “Well, no. No, I haven’t.

Here’s the lesson… So many times there are things that we’re doing in our business that are working and then we try to move on to something new. We don’t want to move on to something new. This client had found a proven promotion that added 4,000 new members. Now, she may very well want to make a few tweaks or innovate on it, but for the most part the heavy lifting is done and we know it works. So, what I’m suggesting to you is do more of what works in your business.

Double Down and Dial It In! [11:24]

What are you doing right now that’s already working in your business? What are you doing right now that’s resulting in a bigger list, more sales conversions, happier customers, and so on? Whatever you are doing in your business that’s already working, just do more of it – and then dial it in.

The hardest part about running a business is that often times we think that there’s a magic strategy that’s out there. But many times the secret is right in front of you. So stop looking for the next big strategy. You already know what to do. Just do more of it. Then ask yourself why did it work? How could you replicate it?

Think way back. Do you remember the old Chicken Soup for the Soul Books authored by Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield? Well, they figured out a formula that works. And then they just dialed it in and kept repeating it. They doubled down on it over and over and over again. They got Chicken Soup for the mother soul, the father soul, the teenager soul, the vet soul, the golfer soul, you name it. Whatever soul is out there, they’ve got a book for it. They have sold hundreds of millions of books because it was a strategy that worked, they doubled down on it and they dialed it in.

Here’s My Challenge To You [13:42]

Look at your business. What have you done in the past that has helped you generate leads. Make a list and highlight the ones that work best. Action step – do more of that. Then I want you to look at all the things you have done to generate sales, different promotions or whatever it may be. Whatever has worked, do it again and dial it in. It’s not rocket science my friends and forget the shiny wiz bang strategy for now. This is low hanging fruit. You’ve already got it right in front of you and it’s about to make you a bunch more sales.

Memorable Quote

Learning is the first part of the equation. Doing is the second part of the equation. If you don’t have one or the other you will never get a result.” – Stu McLaren


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