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My Goals for 2018

Brief Overview

My goals are all set. In this episode I share my business, personal, and charity goals for 2018.

I love the beginning of the year, because it’s an opportunity to hit the reset button and approach things from a fresh perspective. Every year, around this time, my wife and I go away, get a hotel room (no kids, no distractions) and we go through Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever goal setting process. Ever since we started doing this, we’ve taken MASSIVE leaps and gains towards our biggest goals. This year, I set 8 goals (3 business, 4 personal and 1 for our charity). Today, I’m going to take you behind the scenes and share the goals in each of these areas of my life.

What are your yearly goals for 2018? I want to hear all about them. Let me know over at Simply leave a post that says “Stu, my top 3 yearly goals for 2018 are…”. I can’t wait to read them!

Big Ideas

[02:45] Let’s tackle the business goals first…

  • My #1 business goal for 2018 is to double the sales for our flagship course, Tribe, which has become our primary source for generating business and making an impact.
  • My #2 business goal for 2018 is to generate a 7-figure or more recurring revenue stream to cover the monthly expenses from all other recurring revenue streams that we’ve created. That way, anything else we sell is pure profit, relieves stress, and gives our team a ton of room to play and be creative.
  • My #3 business goal for 2018 is to grow my Impact Mastermind group to 30 people. Currently there are 21 people in this group. This is an absolutely awesome group of high level entrepreneurs that I simply love supporting and being surrounded by.

[06:41] Next, let’s review my personal goals…

  • My #1 personal goal for 2018 is to exercise 5 days per week for 90 days starting January 1st.
  • My #2 personal goal for 2018 is to take (3) 1 week long and unplugged vacations. I want 2 of these to be with Amy and the kids and 1 of these to be a guys trip.
  • My #3 personal goal for 2018 is to take Amy on a date 2 times per month.
  • My #4 personal goal for 2018 is to practice Swahili 4 times per week, for 30 minutes.

[10:51] Finally, let’s cover my Charity goal…

  • My #1 charity goal for 2018 is to raise $1M or more for our charity, World Teacher Aid and $250K for local charities.

[12:40] There are 2 huge tips that Michael Hyatt taught me when it comes to setting goals…

  • The first tip is to keep your goal visible. One way I do this is by creating a background wallpaper for my phone that has all my yearly goals. That way, every time I look at my phone, I’m reminded of what I want to achieve.   
  • The second tip is to know your why behind each goal that you set. It’s one thing to have a goal, but It’s another thing to have a really clear why behind it. It adds a whole other layer of motivation!

Memorable Quote

When you get clear on the why, it adds a whole other level of motivation.” – Stu McLaren


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