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How To Get The Attention of Top Influencers

Brief Overview

How do you get on the radar of someone you want to do business with? I share three examples of how others have done it in this episode.

Big Idea

[00:30] Give first and give often. Big influencers have a ton of opportunities and a ton of people hitting them up for different things all the time. They’re not going to just turn around and start promoting, pitching or partnering with anybody that they don’t have an existing relationship with. Why? Because their audience is their most valuable asset. They’re not going to jeopardize that with somebody that they don’t have any experience with. So, you need to give first and give often. This is how you’ll begin to develop strong relationships. Let me share 3 examples…

Example #1 [02:58]

In this first example, I want to talk about Shelly & Shawna, who I didn’t really know at all before they purchased our signature course, Tribe. They were both very active in our community and shared genuine interest in what we were doing, which first got them on my radar. Not only that, but they went a step further and at every opportunity where they could help, they reached out and they offered to help. Not once, not twice, but multiple times. For instance, during the live cast of our second launch, they offered to volunteer. So, they actually came down to the office and helped. And you know what happened? The relationship deepened.

When you are face-to-face with somebody, you’re connecting at a different level than when it’s via text or email or Facebook message or anything like that. Bottom line is that they’re both amazing women and they’re in my life because they chose to be intentional about giving first and giving often.

Example #2 [05:00]

This next one is all about how you can become a great case study for the person that you want to build a relationship with. Rachel Miller, Jamie Swanson, Levi Kujala, Patty Palmer and Anna Digilio—these are all great examples of people in our Tribe community who all got on my radar because of the stories that they’ve created. Take Levi as an example. He already had a membership site when he joined our signature program, Tribe. But after he went through Tribe, his results started to explode. He went from $30,000 to $52,000 to $74,000 to over $100,000 a month and his business in a one-year period went from $300,000 to $1.7 million! So, another great way to get the attention of influencers is to become a great case study.

Example #3 [07:12]

My third example of what you can do to get the attention of top influencers, comes from Sebastian Mensia. Sebastian is somebody, again, who just gave first and gives often. Before we even launched our signature course, Sebastian noticed that we were filming behind-the-scenes and decided to reach out and say, “Hey, do you need a helping hand on video shoot day?” On this particular day, we most definitely needed some help. Sebastian showed up, he was on time, super polite, and was awesome to work with. And then it just kept blossoming. Sebastian just kept volunteering and showing up. He kept offering help, again and again. Whether it was helping at our live events or workshops or any way that he possibly could, he was all-in. And now, our team is so invested in helping him because of all that he has given to us.

As a result, it’s always been in the back of my mind to figure out a way to hire Sebastian. He’s been amazing to work with, always shows up and constantly delivers. The other day I was sitting there thinking, and I thought of a big opportunity not only to hire him but to partner with him in a big way. And when he came into the office, I mentioned the idea to him and he was super pumped and excited about it. I honestly believe that this one spinoff project could be huge, not only for him but for our entire team. It would be a huge win/win. But again, he never would have been on the radar if I didn’t have a relationship with him. So, he didn’t just come in and start pitching me on a partnership, but as a result of giving first and giving often, a potential partnership has blossomed from the fact that we have developed a great relationship.

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