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The $50,000 Emails

Brief Overview

Imagine two emails producing over $50,000 in revenue. Well, what was said in those emails? You’re going to find out in this episode with the one and only, Mr. James Wedmore. That’s right. James Wedmore is back.

Big Ideas

James Wedmore explains the idea behind the 30 day check-in strategy [01:44]

These aren’t big promotions. These are smaller campaigns which require very little effort, but yield very profitable results. As business owners, we’re always leaving money on the table and sometimes it’s as simple as bending down and picking it up. Even when a big launch goes extremely well, there’s still a large percentage of people that consumed all the content, went through the whole thing, gave great feedback, and didn’t purchase. So, there’s a lot of opportunities available to us. We’re just not paying attention to them.

Step 1 of the 30-day check-in strategy [05:15]

It’s a two-step process, it’s really simple, and it’s such a win-win for everybody involved. The day your cart closes is the day everyone starts joining. Step 1 is doing whatever you can to get results fast for your members. We put a big incentive in front of them, a 30-day challenge, but it could even be a 7-day challenge or something else. Basically, something big that incentivizes and inspires people to hit the ground running.

So, with our approach, that’s exactly what we did. We ran a challenge. We actually gave all of our members a list of cool things that they could do to get results in their business fast. And then at the end of the challenge, what they did is they shared the results with us and they were entered into a raffle giveaway. So, in the first 30 days we basically have a ginormous list of testimonials. We created a boatload of real-world examples from people who have taken our teachings and who’ve gotten results.

Step 2 of the 30-day check-in strategy [07:01]

Step 2 is going back to everyone else in the launch—everyone else that participated and didn’t purchase. You want to write a 30-day check-in email to them. It’s a really simple email that says something like, “Hey, it’s been 30 days and I wanted to check-in to see how your progress is going.”

Now, chances are, that if they’ve only consumed your your free content up to this point, they likely aren’t doing the work necessary to get the results that they’re looking for. When you don’t pay, you don’t pay attention, right? I like to say the transformation is in the transaction. That’s when people really step up—when they invest in themselves. It’s just the way it is. That’s why I think investing in programs and coaching is so vitally important.

The email goes on to say “Let me share with you what some of our members inside the program have accomplished in the first 30 days.” From there, I highlight and showcase our members. This demonstrates the power of when someone steps up, signs up, and joins the magic of the transformation that’s possible for them.

And then once we’ve done that, we simply give them to one last opportunity to join. We’ll give them a 24 to 48-hour window to hop back into the program. And then there’s one follow-up reminder email and that’s it.

What kind of results will a campaign like this generate? [10:04]

We ran this to a select group of one of our high-ticket programs. It’s a 10k to 12k offer and we had five additional people take it with those two emails.

Every single one of the people that joined up after this 30-day check-in promo thanked us. The thought of not buying had been lingering in their minds. They regretted their decision and it had been weighing on them. A little added nudge was all they needed. So, it goes to show you, that you just don’t know what’s going on with people in their lives, in their minds, and in their hearts. You just can’t measure that stuff. You can’t measure how close they were in their head to the yes and it doesn’t hurt to check-in.

Memorable Quotes

Transformation is in the transaction.”  – James Wedmore

Episode #05 with James Wedmore

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