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A HUGE Deal Comes Together

Brief Overview

Oooohhh baby. We just landed a deal that will generate anywhere between $2M and multiple 8-figures. I’ll tell you about it in this episode.


In my recent trip to Kenya, I had a conversation with my old friend Russell Brunson. I got a chance to share some business ideas that I had been thinking about and believe could help improve his ClickFunnels business.

Here’s a quick recap of the ideas that I share with Russell in today’s episode…

  1. Helping train ClickFunnels most valuable customers on how to grow better membership sites, using Tribe.
  2. Helping ClickFunnels recover lost payments using a brand new service that we call Tribe Saver.
  3. Integrate (our new membership platform) with ClickFunnels, so that their customers will be able to create world-class membership sites, instead of the basic membership sites that they currently offer.

These ideas allowed us to land a huge deal with Russell and his team. If you are in the midst of wanting to strike a deal with someone, there are 3 things, if done well, will lead to amazing opportunities…  

Big Ideas

Listen First [15:37]

One of the things I knew from my previous conversations with Russell, is that he and his team recognized that his most valuable ClickFunnels customers were their membership site owners. Yet, they weren’t doing anything to train those people on how to be better. Nor were they training other ClickFunnels users on how to become membership site owners. So, I listened first and recognized there was an opportunity.

I also listened and recognized that failed payments were a BIG problem for his business. This was a problem that our team had already solved, making it easy for us to step in and help solve it for him as well. So, remember to listen first!

Align Your Interests [16:33]

Russell and his team recognized that his most valuable customers were membership site owners. However, his company wasn’t training those customers on how to do it better. My company trains people exactly how to do that, and we train them successfully. This was the 1st huge alignment.

Failed payments was a big problem for Russell’s company and they didn’t have anyone handling that. They knew they needed to solve it, but his team was focused on other areas of the business. Since I created a service that solves that problem, this was the 2nd huge alignment.

ClickFunnels offers membership software to their customers. However, the software is somewhat rudimentary and since my company creates world-class membership software, this was the 3rd huge alignment.

Have a Clear Proposal [17:15]

Our company has been pitched many times by others who want to do projects together, but it always turns out to be a fuzzy proposal. The more clear you are on the proposal, the easier it is for a company to say yes or no. And even if they do say no, at least you will be able to follow up with questions as to why, and hopefully from there, you can alleviate those problems/concerns. But if you don’t have a clear proposal, it leaves everything kind of muddy, and it’s very hard to move forward.  


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